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Ed Forbes is a newspaperman who lives in Westchester County with his wife, Emily, and their beagle, Kennedy.

He holds degrees from St. Lawrence and Columbia and is the Senior Digital Editor and Digital Team Leader at The Journal News.

When not worrying about the future of newspapers or daydreaming about the Adirondacks, he enjoys a good cocktail and collecting matchbooks.



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Mai Tai. That is all. #lohudfood (at 67 Grandview)

Great @lohud day with @kelscook5 for @stlawrenceu Shadow A Saint #insidelohud #sluaec (at

Great @lohud with @kelscook5 for @stlawrenceu Shadow A Saint. #sluaec #insidelohud (at

Perfectly awkward selfie with the @lohud photo staff. #insidelohud (at

@carrieyale evangelizes @tumbling_after on the power of kinetic sand. #insidelohud (at

Charming setting for Saturday’s dinner.

Sick colors over cocktails on the deck tonight. #kisco. @lohud (at 67 Grandview)

Classic @carrieyale with two phones as a story broke this morning. #insidelohud (at

@johnward24 and Tim. @leifskodnick and I are on the other side of the table. @stlawrenceu connections are permanent. #mytopcollege (at Pete’s Tavern)

#lucyvi and #babyforbes confer with @mrsvli and @emilyhuntforbes #latergram #foreveryoung712

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